Why Musikgarten Teachers Have The Best Jobs In The World

Launching a blog is a lot like raising a child. It takes a village. It takes patience. And everyone has an opinion. But we actually wanted everyone’s opinions! After all, In The Musikgarten is your blog, written expressly to help you better enjoy, manage and grow your own Musikgarten.

This month, we reached out to Musikgarten teachers with a quick survey to gather ideas for the In The Musikgarten blog. Incredibly, we received hundreds of thoughtful ideas, suggestions, and personal stories that touched our hearts. We’ve spent hours poring over your responses, reading them aloud, making notes and planning posts that will cover the topics, stories and issues that matter most to Musikgarten teachers.

Here’s a preview of the topics we’re working on for you In The Musikgarten:

  • The latest news in music education research and science
  • Major business-building tips for minor budgets
  • Making beautiful music with social media
  • Classroom and behavior management methods that work
  • Teaching children with special needs and different abilities
  • Lessons learned from new and veteran teachers
  • “Shoring up” your summer enrollment
  • Interviews with Musikgarten leaders, teachers and families
  • Inspiring success stories from Musikgarten teachers

(… And so much more!)

Of course, we just have to share some of our favorite responses to one survey question, “What are the greatest joys of being a Musikgarten teacher?” (Hint, grab a tissue!) These are just a few reasons why we believe Musikgarten teachers have the best jobs in the world…

  • “It’s not just about kids and music or even teaching music. We’re educating and nurturing the whole child, mind, body and spirit.”
  • “I love seeing how children grow through each level of the program. Of course, the little hugs I get during class are an extra bonus!”
  • “Seeing children accomplish things that their parents had no idea they could learn so quickly.”
  • “Teaching, especially parents, that music is not just for a select group of people with specific talents, but it is for everyone.”
  • “As a professional musician, I am far too serious about measuring up to my often-unreasonable standards. Teaching children with Muskigarten reminds me of the joy of making music with others, not just for others.”
  • “Knowing that I’m fostering a lifelong love of music…”
  • “I always wanted to teach music, now I also have the freedom to make my own schedule.”
  • “Seeing the happiness in children’s eyes as they sing and play with quality music!”
  • “The number one thing is the interaction between parents and their own children and the other children in the class. It’s like we’re one big family!  I love watching the moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers ask each other for advice about many other things beside Musikgarten. I love this program!”

Why do you think Musikgarten teachers have the best job in the world? Share your comments below or tell us on Facebook!  Use the hashtag #musikgarten and we may use your inspiring comment in a future In The Musikgarten newsletter or blog post!

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