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Marketing to Millennials for Summer Music Programs

This time of year before summer break rolls around is the time when many parents are panicking about finding wholesome activities for their children. Sedentary behavior such as sitting in front of a screen all summer can set them up for health problems down the road.

While there are many camps situated with physical activities, there are fewer that help to keep the brain stimulated. Summer music classes and programs that incorporate music and movement provide both. Getting the word out to parents can be a daunting task, but to reach them most effectively, reach them where they are and tell them what they want to hear. In 2024, you are most likely marketing to millennials. Here are some tips to help you reach them and with the right message.

How to Reach Millennials Both Online and Off

  1. Create an online destination – Millennials are digital natives, so having a strong online presence is key. Whether it’s a web site for your music studio, a social media presence, or both, online is where millennials look for summertime activities.
  • Focus on Experiences, not Material Things – Most Millennials report that they are looking more at experiences for their children, not tangible items. When marketing to these parents, talk about what their kids will do and learn in your summer music program.
  • Consider Online Advertising – Even as Millennial parents spend a great deal of time online, reaching those outside of your social community can be challenging. While referral incentive programs can help, putting a small budget into advertising can pay off rather quickly. Companies such as Facebook and Google often offer a certain amount of free advertising to get you started, and Facebook Marketplace is free locally!

It can sometimes feel challenging to market to millennials. But like any other target audience, they have preferences and certain tendencies that provide good marketing opportunities. Crafting a message that feels like its talking to them personally while getting it in front of them where they are comfortable will go a long way in marketing your early childhood summer music program.