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21 Reasons Everyone Is Going to Sommerfest 21!

At a Musikgarten Festival there are high-quality, rewarding workshops taught by master teachers. Beloved music activities come to life.  You will learn to give new creativity, shine and refinement to the Musikgarten activities, songs, and dances you teach. – Amy Abbott Pappageorge, Owner, Musikgarten Oak Park.

Do you remember your 21st birthday? The excitement, meeting up with friends, the fun, and the memories! Well, Musikgarten turns 21 this year and the FESTIVAL is planned! Are you in?

Here are 21 reasons to book your trip to Sommerfest 21!

1. Our founder, Dr. Lorna Heyge, will reflect on the past and share her vision for the future of Musikgarten: “Turning 21 is a big event in our lives. It’s a turning point. I want everyone to be mindful of all we have accomplished in the past but also feel a sense of excitement and promise as we look toward the future!” – Lorna Heyge, Founder of Musikgarten

2. You’ll learn the art of Communicating the Neurology of Music Effectively, presented by Dr. Dee Joy Coulter, Neuro-Science Educator. Amy Abbott Pappageorge, owner of Musikgarten of Oak Park, is especially excited about this, “Dee Coulter’s presence promises to be galvanizing with regards to gaining richer understandings of the neuroscience of music.”

3. Musikgarten Teacher Trainers will tackle hot topics requested by teachers, such as…

4. Vocal Development Through the Curriculum, and…

5. Parents as Partners, and…

6. Nuts and Bolts Sessions covering many curricula, plus…

7. Your Business – Build it for Lasting Success

8. More speakers and general interest sessions offer something for everyone including Family Music for Toddlers, Cycle of Seasons, and all levels of Music Makers.

9. Veteran teachers will share timeless wisdom and tried-and-true instructional methods.

10. New teachers will show how they’re successfully growing their studios.

11. You’ll connect with other Musikgarten teachers who share the same challenges and joys. Merrill Marshall, owner of Merrill’s Musikgarten told us, The best part is being with so many other kindred spirits, teachers who do exactly what you do, and to connect and learn from each other.”

12. You’ll feel inspired and re-energized with ideas you can use right away. “I was overwhelmingly pleased with the whole Festival weekend. It was not only the opportunity to attend talks about different teaching techniques and ideas, but also an amazing place to sit down with other teachers and gain insight on everything from classroom management to pricing structures, scheduling classes, and online marketing. Every time I attend, I have more information than I can hope to use in the coming year!” shared Betha Christopher, owner of Betha’s Musik.

13. We’ll tackle your trickiest questions, from how to teach a tough dance to dealing with difficult parents.

14 You’ll learn new business-building marketing and networking ideas to grow your studio.

15. You’ll sing. You’ll dance. You’ll play. You’ll laugh.

16. You’ll reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, and make lasting memories.

17. You’ll return home refocused, refreshed, and ready to go-go-go! Says Amy Abbott Pappageorge, I never stop reaping the benefits of each and every festival I attend. The festival always exceeds my expectations; incredible learning and enjoyment abounds. I return to my studio with new vigor and commitment.”

18. The date, August 21-23, 2015, is perfect timing for a back-to-school sign-up season recharge.

19. It’s in Charlotte, North Carolina, conveniently located at the DoubleTree by Hilton Charlotte Airport.

20. It’s affordable! Your fee is just $135. Shuttle service to and from the airport and hotel parking are free.

21. We only turn 21 once!

Sommerfest 21 is on! Are you in?

Click here for details or call 1.800.216.6864 to RSVP now. Don’t delay! Hotel rooms must be booked by July 22!  

**Extra-special thanks to Dr. Lorna Heyge, Betha Christopher, Merrill Marshall, and Amy Abbott Pappageorge for sharing their experiences and contributing to this article.**

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