How Does Your Musikgarten Grow? 11 Ways to Market Your Musikgarten.

March 15, 2015

In Rick Townsend’s series, Dr. Lorna Heyge: Growth of a Vision, we learn how in the early 1970’s, “…Building an early childhood music studio was different. (Lorna) simply sent a note to the newspapers that it was going to start, and the phone rang off the hook.”

Wouldn’t it be great if it were still that easy? A note to a local newspaper may have been enough to spark interest among families in 1974, but promoting your Musikgarten studio to busy families in today’s hectic, digital, distraction-filled world isn’t quite as simple!

Like most of us, you probably became a Musikgarten teacher because you love music, not marketing. But let’s face it, Musikgarten isn’t the only option for families, so marketing is a must if you plan to grow your studio. Here are 11 Ways to Market Your Musikgarten – no MBA or million-dollar marketing budget required! Be sure to click on the red links for more information and teacher resources.

  1. Order Up! – The New Musikgarten Parent Brochures are here! Updated with fresh new copy and images, it’s been getting rave reviews from teachers and parents.
  1. Log In! – To the Musikgarten Teacher Portal. We offer a variety of free and affordable professional marketing materials including colorful brochures, flyers, postcards, signs, emails, a personalized website, and customizable co-op advertising. So easy!
  1. Get Social (Step 1) – Time to get serious about social media. It’s free, and it’s a great way to show what your studio is all about. Start a Facebook page for your studio; if you use Facebook, consider adding Twitter or Instagram. Need a reason why? Your audience is using social media: 65% of Moms learn about products and services through social media and 89% of moms use their smartphone to check social media. Also, moms with kids under 5 are more active than any other consumer group on social media.

Not sure where to begin? There are plenty of resources like this one, this one, and this one. Not sure what to say? Follow Musikgarten on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for e-newsletters, and read our monthly blog for plenty of content you can simply share.

  1. Get Social (Step 2) – Once you’ve set up your social media pages, start inviting parents to the party! Share links in emails, mention it during class, and encourage parents to follow. To keep parents engaged, post interesting, relevant content at least a few times a week such as studio schedules, photos and videos from your classes, coupons and contests, relevant news articles and local music events, and fun activities families can use at home. Get inspired at Hunterdon Academy of the Arts, Musikgarten By The Beach and Sound Beginnings Musikgarten.
  1. Launch Your Website – Musikgarten offers a special website program to our licensed teachers through Helios Webhosting. For only $14.95 per month, Helios will launch and help you maintain a website that is complementary in look to the Musikgarten corporate website complete with class descriptions, scheduling grid, pictures, and a coupon for free preview classes. The website can be customized and comes with top-notch tech support. Contact us to learn more.
  1. Be Inviting – Offer parents plenty of ways to sample a live class and turn “warm leads” into “hot prospects.” If a parent expresses interest—via a call, an email, or in response to an ad or social media—invite them to participate in an existing class or open-house night for free. If you don’t relish the idea of drop-ins, schedule a weekly “demo class.” Fill it up by offering it free to friends and neighbors, and make this the one class where prospects are always welcome to drop in to sample the fun!
  1. Maximize Word-of-Mouth – Happy customers are the best marketing your money can buy! Create a referral program or a “Share The Music” monthly promotion: encourage families to bring a friend for a free class. Snap and share photos with the family to show them how much fun their child had in your class.
  1. Get Outside! –As the weather warms up, community calendars fill up with family festivals, fairs and outdoor music events. Check with your local chamber of commerce and community events websites to find opportunities for local businesses and to learn how you can sponsor a free music class during these family-filled events. Bring plenty of brochures, flyers, postcards, and business cards, and invite folks to attend your regularly scheduled free demo class!
  1. Advertise – Either online or in print with your local parent magazine or weekly paper. To find out if your area has one, just Google your city, county or region with the words “parent magazine” or “family magazine.” You can find downloadable ad templates on the teacher portal.
  1. Email Marketing – Use email to stay in touch with current customers and to send news they can share. Encourage new website visitors to sign up for your emails or newsletter by offering a coupon, free class or chance to win a prize. Start your email campaigns with a free email marketing service like MailChimp.

Bonus Idea! Make Strategic Partners – Connect with other local businesses and organizations that also cater to families, such as tutoring services, restaurants, birthday party venues, libraries, and children’s museums. Invite leaders to an informal gathering to brainstorm ways you can work together to reach more parents in your community. It may be as simple as swapping stacks of business cards and flyers to hand out at your individual locations, or you may come up with more creative ways to collaborate and co-promote each others’ businesses.

Tell us how you’ve grown your Musikgarten into a blooming success. We may share your idea in an upcoming newsletter, blog or on Facebook and Twitter. Share now!

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